Matiff 2023. Edizione Zero.Four


    Matiff 2023. Edizione Zero.Four


Matera International Film Festival

MatIFF is the acronym of MATera International Film Festival but it is not only a film festival.

MatIFF aims to become the first global event of the arts of Matera.

Because the seventh art is the synthesis of the 6 that precede it and that manifest themselves in it: architecture, music, painting, sculpture, poetry and dance.

The concept, therefore, is based on three main concepts: experimentation, contamination and research on the future, starting from the present.


Moonwalk: the (sustainable) lightness of being

”I’ve come to the conclusion that lightness is something of value, not a defect.
The images of lightness I’m looking for cannot dissolve from reality
of the present and the future as mere dreams.”

Italo Calvino, American lessons

“Don’t take life so seriously, because lightness is not superficial,
but the ability to soar above things from above, instead of carrying a heavy heart.”

World Wide Web

These are the quotes that animate the third edition of “๐Œ๐š๐“๐ข๐…๐…”, the 2022 Matera International Film Festival. These words allude to dance, but not necessarily to the discipline or form of dance, but to the attitude, the metaphor of ambitions, the act of detaching oneself from the earth to look beyond, surpassing the imagination and transforming it into reality. Never before has dance been so associated with lightness, as a dewdrop slides down the mountainside at dawn. The drop of lightness and serenity that humanity needs now more than ever.

And what movement can express this feeling better than the Moonwalk, Michael Jackson’s signature move in which he moved free of gravity and free of the earth’s atmosphere, as if he were literally on the moon? The lunar missions, the Moon as a female satellite, a matriarchal symbol, just as the Materan civilization was secretly and profoundly matriarchal; the Harvest Moon, and the Moon of love, of cyclical and curable wounds; the Moon over Kiev.

The human condition consists in breaking away from the chains of the heart, and it is that heart which is the salvation of human beings when they desire what lies beyond, when they desire introspection and common sense and a logical sustainability of their actions – immediately before embarking on new missions. These lunar and terrestrial thoughts — human, female, Matera — will be the background, in a broad sense, to the works of art that are part of this spiritual journey and will be sent to ๐Œ๐š๐“๐ข๐…๐… to be evaluated by the Jury in the ๐Œ๐š๐“๐ข๐…๐… Competition 2022.

The last realized events of Chapter 03

Award winners of excellence such as Gabriele Salvatores and Leo Gullotta, exclusive screenings, unpublished performances such as “Cosmic Voyage” by Gianni Maroccolo and Antonio Aiazzi: all this (and much more) in chapter 02 of the Matiff – Matera International Film Festival.

Our Mission

Delivering to the community and to future generations, a world in which the arts are the highest expression of knowledge and foster cultural contexts of development and social growth.

“Il nostro desiderio รจ che il MatiFF diventi sempre piรน un progetto collettivo e condiviso,
per tentare insieme opere grandiose e sublimi.โ€