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Elon Musk and Matera

The Cinema contest of MAtiFF, which has as a main slogan “ Dare mighty things “, suggests to competitors to tell stories in which humanity’s audacity and creativity emerge in facing challenges and adversities. The motives that inspired the Festival are: Matera and Elon Musk.

The city of Matera is the story of the fall and rebirth, which becomes a universal paradigm of life on Earth. It is the path, along with the ridge of time, that man has made to survive difficult life conditions, since the city is located in a semi-arid Mediterranean area where the problem of water was one of the biggest ones. The intricate network of open-air or underground canals that flowed into pools connected to them and the cisterns, the divers, the icehouses , demonstrate a strategic engineering work that has reached its recognition as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The Matiff winks at Mars by osmosis: Matera and Mars, whose assonance seems very significant to us, also due to the lack of the element associated with an organic life: water.

  • Source: www.wateronline.info

    Matera Cisterne sotterranee

The ideas of Elon Musk

Another strong inspiration of the Festival is contained in the exciting enterprises and extraordinary ideas of the entrepreneur Elon Musk .. His aerospace company SpaceX which is in accordance  with NASA, enters into an innovative partnership in order to reduce the costs of access to space and aspire to colonize Mars .. But Space X is just one of the latest but exciting ideas created by this supersonic-minded business tycoon, who has the ability to leave us speechless.

From Tesla, the electric cars we all know, to the creation of the Boring Company, a company that builds hyperloops, underground tunnels for the transport (of goods and humans) at high speed, using electricity. Just the study of these underground infrastructures led Musk to think about how to use tunnels on the planet Mars, or even to create underground cities in order to protect humans from the radiation . Up to the projects such as Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot capable of carrying 68 kg loads. “Bot will be good and will allow you to eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks,” said the magic patron.

Matiff 2021

The terrestrial habit of building underground cities like Matera, full of caves and tunnels, to make the city an ancient labyrinth, could inspire Elon Musk to devise underground cities on Mars, of which Matera could serve as a role model. Is it madness ? Perhaps.