September 16, 2020

Piazza Sant’Agnese Rione Agna Matera

Hour : 8.30pm

Projection of the documentary movie “The grotesque side of life” by Federica Di Giacomo with Giuseppe Paradiso and Girolamo Lacertosa

Followed by the discussion: “Matera pre and post tourist boom”

Orators :

Federica Di Giacomo – movie director

Father Basilio Gavazzeni

Antonio Nicoletti – Director of APT Basilicata

Francesco Foschino – tour operator and co-founder of the journal “Mathera”

Patrizia Minardi – Culture office manager for the region of Basilicata

Marianna Dimona – Councilor for Tourism and Productive Activities of the Municipality of Matera

Moderator: Antonio Andrisani – MATIFF,  Artistic Director

September 17, 2020

Square San Pietro Caveoso – Sassi di Matera

Hour : 8.30pm

I Basilischi – Review of the screenings of unpublished Lucan short films

“The airplane” by Maria Cristina Di Stefano

“Transhumance” by Giuseppe Squillante / Aurelia Lassaque

“The rebel’s escape” – by Eugenio Morin

“Lunch break” by Nicola Telesca

“Fly” – by Gianni Saponara

“Terrorism” – by Vito Cea and Roberto Moliterni (Matera premiere)

“Soffio” – by Nicola Ragone (Matera premiere)

“I know how crazy you are” – by Giuseppe Marco Albano

“Stardust” – by Antonio Andrisani (Matera premiere)

Followed by the presence of the movie directors

Presented by : Sergio Palomba

September 18, 2020

Staircase of Via Muro – Sassi di Matera

Hour : 7:30 p.m.

Screening of the movie:  “Rocco and his brothers” (restored version)

Followed by discussion:  “The Basilicata of Visconti and Scotellaro”


Guido Aldo Ettore Taroni – photographer – representative of the Visconti family

Salvatore Verde – Lucana Film Commission

Giuseppe Miseo – Actor and Scholar of Rocco Scotellaro

19 September 2020

Terrace of Palazzo Lanfranchi – National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art

Hour : 8.30pm

Meeting with Giancarlo Giannini

Followed by the awarding ceremony of the “Visconti Award” to Giancarlo Giannini

Hour : 9.30 pm

“Colossal male torso” – concert by Alessandro Grazian


Davide Andreoni – organ

Nicola Manzan – violin

Emanuele Alosi – percussion

Alessandro Grazian – guitar