The deadline for the film submission is 10 August 2021



The deadline for the film submission is 19 July 2021

Matera Art International Film Festival is pleased to announce the opening of Call for Applicants – Matiff01. After the successful and important Preview of the Festival with extraordinary guests such as Giancarlo Giannini, Guido Ettore Taroni e Achille Lauro with his manager Angelo Calculli, singers Nahaze and Federica di Giacomo , the moment arrives to continue in this manner with a slogan : “DARE MIGHTY THINGS “ .

From Matera to Mars, by starting the journey of the exploration and return like the one that in front of Odyssey appears as a long road back home. A journey as a metaphor of the life itself is by quoting Eleanor Roosevelt: “ Refrain from the state of those who live in the gray mist, the ones who don’t understand a victory nor defeat. “

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There is a red thread that links Ulysses and his Odyssey to the exploration of space and Mars seing through a drop of water!

The adventurous story of a mankind. An infinite poem of courage, ingenuity, curiosity, nostalgia, a desire to challenge one’s limits and the limits of the unknown.

This momentum towards an adventure and challenge, not surprisingly, is often the reaction to a historical moment of a great social and economic depression.

After years of living in the “gray mist”, human kind is ought to go back on doing good by seeking if not the virtue itself than at least the knowledge.

Therefore, a desire to go towards the unknown by exorcising a fear, just as Dante’s Ulysses pushes beyond the familiar limits by overcoming the COLUMNS OF HERCULES.

And thats the way that Cinema becomes a proven experience of a spaceship for a travel in order to discover unexplored territories. Whether it is the most distant and inviolate border of the cosmos or the deepest and most hidden place of the soul, it does not matter: there is no difference between looking at the stars or looking inside oneself .

What is so different between crossing the asteroid belt and facing a love that sprouts or fades?

MATIFF – Matera Art International Film Festival, intends to incorporate stories that speak about the originality of human kind in facing challenges and adversities of all kinds.

To overcome them and affirm that the existence is the most extraordinary of all adventures.

In all times and all places.

From Ithaca to the immense Universe, from Matera to Mars.

~Try to ELEVATE things because


IL TEMA. “The Human Ambient”, è incentrato sull’esplorazione dell’uomo che intraprende un viaggio di conoscenza e di scoperta di sé attraverso l’ambiente che lo circonda. Il viaggio della conoscenza apre lo sguardo alle diverse prospettive e ad una rinnovata consapevolezza del valore della natura. Un racconto visivo di questa diversa contemporaneità e di questo ambiente, inteso nella sua più ampia accezione, con i suoi mutati territori e paesaggi, i non-luoghi e le sue atmosfere solitarie, più pacate e meno chiassose, una narrazione di questo tempo probabilmente più silenzioso, che può dar vita ad un laboratorio naturale estremamente utile per capire gli effetti dell’uomo sul pianeta e disegnare più efficaci risposte alla crisi della biodiversità di cui l’uomo è, in gran parte, responsabile.

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