MATIFF – Matera International Film Festival – will carry out an international competition in 2021 that will cover different sections: feature movies, documentaries, commercials, art animation, trailers screenplay and screen rights market.

Waiting for the first official edition of the Festival, from 16 to 19 September 2020, it will be presented a Preview of the Festival, with an abundant program, that will serve as an introduction of the Association itself to present to the city and to all national and international interlocutors.

The objective of MATIFF is not to be a mere, however useful, showcase of “exogenous” cinematographic work, but furthermore to produce cultural and didactic tools that put people in a virtuous and unprecedented relationship with the world of cinema. An interactive formula that is configured as an access threshold to a cultural and sociological relationship with ‘’ Settima Arte ‘’                ( Seventh discipline of the art, the cinema  )

Finally, upon the closure of the Preview, during the four days of the ceremony, among other proposals, MATIFF will reveal to everyone the forgotten suburbs of Matera.

In these extraordinary, yet neglected neighborhoods, it will be realized an audiovisual production entitled COMIZI DI CINEMA which is clearly inspired by Pasolini’s investigations. The documentary that will emerge will testify the relationship and perception of the citizens of these villages with the production and cultural machinery of the cinema that frequently used the city of  Sassi as acfavorable location.