Matera Art International Film Festival

The Matiff is an international festival dedicated to cinema, art, photography and architecture. It was born in Matera, in the prestigious cultural setting of the City of Sassi, which has become a Unesco World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture 2019. It is a space for the dissemination of highly innovative cinematographic and artistic language.

MaTiFF Chapter 00.
Edizione Zero.One
11 | 12 | 19 Settembre 2021

From the significant locations of Matera, the 2021 Matiff edition projects its gaze towards a contemporary theme: Ulysses on Mars, in fact, is the fil-rouge of the new programming, inspired by NASA’s expeditions on the Planet Rosso, and the driving force of great enterprises that the myth of Ulysses emblematically embodies.

“Chapter00” marks the opening of the festival which takes place on 11, 12 and 19 September, for a journey that will continue with a new chapter of events next November in Matera.

MATIFF – Matera Art International Film Festival – organizes a festival of film productions and an international competition with different themed sections: feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials, art animation, trailers, screenplay and film rights market.



Our mission is to deliver to the community and to future generations a world in which the arts are the highest expression of knowledge and favor cultural contexts of development and social growth.